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Frontal Face Images


The image dataset is used by the CMU Face Detection Project and is provided for evaluating algorithms for detecting frontal views of human faces. This particular test set was originally assembled as part of work in Neural Network Based Face Detection. It combines images collected at CMU and MIT.

Please give appropriate acknowledgements when you use these test sets. In the lists of files below, you will find references to Test Sets A, B, C and the Rotated Test Set. Test Set B was provided by Kah-Kay Sung and Tomaso Poggio at the AI/CBCL Lab at MIT, and Test Sets A,C and the rotatated test set were collected here at CMU (by Henry A. Rowley, Shumeet Baluja, and Takeo Kanade).

In [Schneiderman and Kanade, 2000] and [Schneiderman and Kanade, 1998] we refer to the combination of test sets A, B, and C as the "combined test sets of Sung and Poggio and Rowley, Baluja, and Kanade." In [Rowley, Baluja, and Kanade, 1998] we refer to the combination of sets A, B, C as "test set one" and in [Rowley, Baluja, and Kanade, 1997] we refer to it as the "upright set" as distinguished from the "rotated set."

Additional Information

We provide ground truth in face location in the following format with one line per face (extreme side views are ignored):

filename left-eye right-eye nose left-corner-mouth center-mouth right-corner-mouth

For each feature on a face to be detected, two numbers are given. These numbers are the x and y coordinates (measured from the upper left corner) of the feature in the image.


The images are in Compuserve GIF format, and are grayscale. The images are available individually or collectively in a tar file. This file will unpack into four directories, test containing the images in Test Set A, test-low containing Test Set B, newtest containing Test Set C, and rotated containing the Rotated Test Set.

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