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Profile Face Images


The image dataset is used by the CMU Face Detection Project and is provided for evaluating algorithms for detecting frontal and profile views of human faces. This test set was collected at CMU by Henry Schneiderman and Takeo Kanade. Please acknowledge them in publications describing results on this test set.

In [Schneiderman and Kanade, 2000] we refer to this as the test set with out-of-plane rotation.

Additional Information

We provide ground truth for face location in the following two files. (Note: Some faces are listed in both files if they in between frontal view and profile view)


Currently, only .pgm format is supported. In the future, you will be able to download images in other formats as well.

This .tar file is 16.65MB large.

Download gzipped tar file.

This .zip file is 16.58MB large.

Download zip file.

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