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Bunch of stereo data sets


Dataset Description
apple Apple Circuit board.
arch arch of blocks.
ball a tennis ball, a ice chest, two cylinders.
baseball a baseball in front of a paper.
bl Stereo IGN image pair of a nuclear power plant.
book A book on a table.
book1r A closer look of a book on a table.
books A stack of books
cart A view of a room.
cart-alt Another view of a room.
cdc1 A synthetic stereo pair of some rectangles
charles A photo of Prince Charles
cone Synthetic images of a reptile skin cone on a cork table with brick cube
cube Synthetic images of a cube with gray random dot texture, no background
frisco_quake Stereo view of aftermath of San Francisco earthquake.
fruit Fruit on table
herman White house's back yard
house1 Synthetic stereo pair of a house.
house2 Another synthetic stereo pair of a house.
houseof Parks and Roads
lab A scene of a lab
luberon Stereo satellite view of Mt. Luberon
mars1 A scene from Mars
mars1r Another scene of Mars
parts A Renault part
pentagon Aerial view of the Pentagon
pepsi A desk lamp and a pepsi can on a table
plants A plant on a table
rd1 Synthetic random-dot
rocks Mound of rocks and gravel
rubik A Rubik cube and blocks on a table
ruts Ruts in mud
sand Sandwich
sphere Synthetic view of a concrete sphere on a wooden table
telephone A telephone and a cup on a table
telephone2 Another view of a telephone and a cup on a table
toys Partial view of a Rubik cube occluding a wooden block
wdc1r Another aerial image pair of a wooded area
wdc2r The white house and its garden
whouse The white house
woodarea Aerial images of a wooded area
woodcyl Two wooden cylinders on a table

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