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;;; The images defined by and accompanying this header file may not be ;;; copied ;;; or redistributed without inclusion of this corresponding header ;;; file. ;;; This header file must include this message, and the ;;; acknowledgement of ;;; the source (see :SOURCE below) of the images.

(:TITLE "Renault Part" :FORMAT :RASTER :FILENAME (:BEGIN "renault" :SIZE "512" :END ".img" :STEREO (:STEREO "l" "m" "r") :ORDER (:BEGIN - :SIZE - :STEREO :END)) :FILESIZE (:IMAGE-LINES 512 :PIXELS/LINE 512 :BITS/PIXEL 8) :KEYS ("B/W" "Indoor" "Machine Part" "Stereo") :SOURCE "USC Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Gerard Medioni" :DESCRIPTION "Renault automobile part." :REFERENCES (:ARTICLE ( :AUTHOR "Medioni, G. and Nevatia, R." :TITLE "Segment-Based Stereo Matching" :JOURNAL "Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing" :YEAR 1985 :MONTH "July" :PAGES "2-18" :VOLUME 31)))


center.png left.png right.png


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