LA2MML - LaTeX to FrameMaker Converter

This is a program to convert LaTeX files into FrameMaker's mml format. The program is known to run on Unix platforms and on the Macintosh. Reasonable results can be obtained for most LaTeX files.

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LA2MML takes on a LaTeX source file and outputs a FrameMaker compatible file, in MML format. It was created by Nigel Horspool (, from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria, Canada.

Executing the command

% la2mml doc.tex
will convert the LaTeX file named "doc.tex" into a FrameMaker file named "doc.mml". If a file name argument is omitted, LA2MML acts like a Unix filter, reading from the standard input and writing the result to the standard output.

The current version of la2mml supports both the original LaTeX macros plus the new LaTeX macros described in edition 2 of Lamport's book (i.e. the LaTeX2e macros).

The conversion program attempts to translate every standard LaTeX construct that can be reasonably described by a mml file. Some constructions (such as two-dimensional mathematical expression layouts) are simply impossible to translate. Other constructs are only represented approximately. Some known deficiencies in the translation are:

Cool Stuff

Frame Maker automatically detects files with .tex extension and filters them using LA2MML before opening them. So if you want to edit a LaTeX file in Frame Maker, simply open it as if it were a normal FM file.


The only documentation available are a README file and a brief 2-page manual written by the author. The "Overview" section above was based on both, so that's probably all you will want to know.

You can obtain the executables from the following ftp sites: or The files of interest are la2mmlv3.tar.Z (C source code archive file) and la2mml.sea.hqx (executable Macintosh version).

The first file contains all the source code to build the program on your computer. You will need the uncompress program, the tar utility program and an ANSI C compiler. These are usually available on Unix systems. (I use the Gnu C compiler, gcc, as my ANSI C compiler.) If you have a Macintosh, you can simply grab the second file above. If you un-binhex it, it will give you a self-extracting archive which converts itself into the la2mml program plus the documentation files.

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